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Endeavour Eats

To support our restaurants, cafes and takeaway outlets at the centre we introduce to the community “Endeavour Eats”.

Endeavour Eats, is our take on UberEATS. The limitations we found with UberEats is that it takes a 35% cut of all purchases. To keep our locals up and running, all you need to do is call the stores directly to place your order.

Customers simply need to:
1. Call the participating store directly to place their order and confirm which ‘pick-up point’ they will meet you at and when;

2. Either pay electronically over the phone with the retailer, or the retailer can bring out their EFT machinesto the vehicle;

3. Have a staff member meet the customer at their car at one of our two dedicated Endeavour Eats ‘pick up’ points. Located at the north entry and the west entry;

4. Some retailers may choose to offer delivery options for a minimal fee.

Participating stores include:
Burgerlove ______________________________9700 7253
La Calabrese Restaurant ____________________ 9700 1992
Peking Duck & Dumpling House_______________ 8753 7796
Gloria Jeans _____________________________9706 2509
Fancy Fillings ____________________________9700 2500
La Baguette_____________________________ 9700 6600
Subway ________________________________9700 1022
Asian Kitchen____________________________ 9706 1876
Dancing Wok____________________________ 9700 2280
Muffin Break_____________________________9700 1678
Ferguson Plarre __________________________9700 2954
Sushi Sushi______________________________9700 5950 Flounders_______________________________9700 5099
Domino’s Pizza ___________________________8773 2720 McDonalds_______________________________9708 0211
KFC ___________________________________9706 2700

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